Sunday, April 27, 2008

New!New! Anime [Nabari]

The black hair man after the the boy is the teacher ,this pics is the op of Nabari

I am so excited that i have find a new anime to share my love from Naruto and DGM.I had see pics about Nabari one years ago ,and was fund at it at that time,but i couldn't find comic online and in shop until yesterday.It's strange that one month ago,i still can't download Nabari manga,but yesterday,there are three vols of its Anime @ @ don't know why~~~~
I love the figure designing of this manga,all the figures are tenuous(almost over slender that their arms looks like a stick).But anyway,they are handsome,the most handsome guy hadn't appear yet(i haven't watch the third vol).The teacher of 壬晴 is really an interesting guy,at the first look,you will think " OH man!He is so cool and especially when fighting"but the second time you see him, you would feel = ="I don't know this guy,he doesn't know me either,we have no relationship ".haha~~interesting guy isn't he?

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