Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My faceup commission ^ ^

oh yeah~ fanlly i decide together with my friend to start to accept faceup commisssion now.But sadly, i currently had change my password and email on DOA,and have to wait for active my account again T T

MSD-SD and up $65tiny $55
Spear holes on ears need extra 2USD ,on lips 4USD,on nose 6USD
This price including faceup,eyelashes(if you want to have two layers of eyelashes please add $3,only has brown and white) and old faceup's cleaning
Shipping will for free if heads from one guest is up to 4.
65-70 $24
58-63 $20
40-46 $16
26-30 $12
small-25 $10
Price including colours on muscles,nipples
65-70 $38
58-63 $30
40-46 $24
26-30 $20
small-25 $16
Price including colours on muscles,nipples and fingernails
Head MOD
eye open,2USD per 1mm(limitation:3mm)
Please provide pictures if not,i will mod it in my style
face emaciated 40USDre-mod
those eyes or lips are not symmetrical:30USD
20%off than the EMS official price.
Address:Please contact to get
Information of order should be include:
Your name:
Your shipping address:
Your telephone(for EMS):
Your ID in DOA:
what type of your doll:
Your requestIf you want me make your doll make up like stars or character of comic&animation please send me pictures about model
ToolsMr. Super clear(uv cut)/ SAKURA Pastel /Acrylic Paints//Mr.color paint
All faceup will show pics before ship them to you,if you still want to change the faceup after you have already confirm the pics i sent to you,it will need extra 10USD

Friday, May 16, 2008

This is my new work,i am thinking about accept faceup on DOA,but i don't know how much the postage will cost for a head ship from China to your home,after confirm all the things ,i may start to accept faceup here.




I think some of you have know the earthquake happen in China, every chinese talk about it everyday,so i will talk about it also,Lotus has some meanning of secret power in Chinese tales,it often says that a lotus which have lived thousand years can cure any disease.So this time ,so this time i draw lotus on her head ,that's kind of wish.Wish those still struggle for survival will get back their happiness soon

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New!New! Anime [Nabari]

The black hair man after the the boy is the teacher ,this pics is the op of Nabari

I am so excited that i have find a new anime to share my love from Naruto and DGM.I had see pics about Nabari one years ago ,and was fund at it at that time,but i couldn't find comic online and in shop until yesterday.It's strange that one month ago,i still can't download Nabari manga,but yesterday,there are three vols of its Anime @ @ don't know why~~~~
I love the figure designing of this manga,all the figures are tenuous(almost over slender that their arms looks like a stick).But anyway,they are handsome,the most handsome guy hadn't appear yet(i haven't watch the third vol).The teacher of 壬晴 is really an interesting guy,at the first look,you will think " OH man!He is so cool and especially when fighting"but the second time you see him, you would feel = ="I don't know this guy,he doesn't know me either,we have no relationship ".haha~~interesting guy isn't he?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

faceup of Lilith

somedays ago,my friends gave me these two girls ask me to faceup for them.But i was lack of time at that time,so the faceup of them are lack of creation i think.I am so busy these days,there're lot of homework ~~~~~~~~~T T.I hate doing homework!!But faceup can bring happiness to me when i was annoyed by homeworks.BTW,this is the season of Sukura~~but the sukura in my school is really.............= =..............where are the beautiful flowers?I wanna see!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Faceup of Gus from Angell-studio

yep,yep~there are new pics of my work!!!!
I love this boy !He is cute ,sweet,and pretty!A boy looks like girl~
He is a typically shaota

This time ,i feel confident about my work,and buy a wig for him,Hope next time i will have more dolls for me to make them up!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

New faceup of BJD

These two heads are my new work.Recently i've got alot of leisure time ,so i cleaned the official make up and DIY somedays ago.

Well, after i have seen orthers' work,i think i should learn more ... there are so many good works than mine.I feel i was full of energy when i saw the pictures,yeah,come on ,i should try again and again to catch up with them!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DGM VOL.70-71.Your smile are so warm

I have watched the VOl.71 of DGM,and i was attracted by Allen's new sculpt.His smile shocked me !!! I feel warm from this smile,but how tied he is at that time?How can he still give us such a bright and sweet smile?I was moved,and want to love him more than ever.
But why i feel he is more looks like a girl than before?Especially when he is smile,the face is so sweet and nice,he is beautiful but not handsome now...Anyway,i like this change..XD

Here are the pics from VOL.71 and VOL.70