Wednesday, April 2, 2008

faceup of Lilith

somedays ago,my friends gave me these two girls ask me to faceup for them.But i was lack of time at that time,so the faceup of them are lack of creation i think.I am so busy these days,there're lot of homework ~~~~~~~~~T T.I hate doing homework!!But faceup can bring happiness to me when i was annoyed by homeworks.BTW,this is the season of Sukura~~but the sukura in my school is really.............= =..............where are the beautiful flowers?I wanna see!!


Anonymous said...

How can you make a faceup so beautiful?
What tools do you use ?

Anonymous said...


nami said...

Mr. Super clear(uv cut)/ SAKURA Pastel /Acrylic Paints//Mr.color paint