Saturday, March 15, 2008

Love animation love life

This is the first day of my life on blogger.I am a stranger here,no one know me and i know no one.A little bit lonely than...I like to make friends with orthers ,but they should be kind and honestly.
I love life,i am so young that i have so many hopes about this world about my future,but i know the world is not so beautiful as i wished,i know my future will not bright all the time,but dose that really matter?I haven't start my own life yet how can i so desperate?
I like watch animations.Recently what i love is

D Gray Man

Code Geasse


The prince of Tennis

Besides,I love Doll very much
They are so beautiful,they are Dreams!I love to make them up,and i am learning to do well at this,to make them more beautiful,make them more lovely!!

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